ADAM, LLC is an electronic product manufacturer with in-house electronic product design services, consulting, PCB assembly, final assembly and testing services. 



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The ADAM Philosophy: Quality Costs!

  • We may not be the lowest priced contract manufacturer in the United States, but we strongly believe in the quality of our workmanship and design skills.


  • We believe that quality will always cost money, either in the beginning of a product's life cycle or after a customer purchases the product. If proper attention is paid during the initial design and manufacturing phases of the product, it will naturally cost more money to develop, but the product's quality will be much higher.


  • If these critical phases of product design are neglected, the end customer will bear the cost of this neglect with defective or poorly working products. 


  • Quality costs money, either to build it into your products for happy customers or in lost sales due to unhappy customers.


  • It is your choice. Do you care enough about your products and your customers to ensure the highest quality? 

Why Choose ADAM As Your Product Development Partner:

  • We develop hardware and software solutions in-house.


  • We have over 38 years of industry experience in electronics and manufacturing.


  • We specialize in difficult to manufacture and low-volume products that are considered "impossible" to manufacture by larger CMs.


  • We provide consulting and specialty training services for our corporate clients.


  • We provide full box-building and final assembly services for your products.


  • We provide troubleshooting and repair services for new products and field returns.


  • We provide in-country warranty and out of warranty repair services for non-US companies who sell products in the US.